10th Annual Care Walk of Burbank



Event Booths on the day of the CareWalk are available on a limited basis at $200 per booth. please call Pat at 818.845.7671 for further details. 

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Why would your corporation or foundation be interested in sponsoring the Tenth Annual CareWalk of Burbank?  

Every moment of every day youth in our nation – our community - are struggling to meet the ever-increasing complicated demands of their young lives, often times with far too little assistance. In response to that need, Family Service Agency was established (1953) and developed professional mental health services and psycho-educational preventative programs for Burbank’s youth and families. In 2014 mental health care is more relevant than ever! 

As a result of a Youth/Teen survey administered by the Youth Task Force Family Service Agency of Burbank was asked by City leadership to design and deliver a School-based Counseling Program for our community’s youth/teens at no cost to the recipient. The program began with 3 middle schools in its’ first year, then it was expanded to include our 2 high schools and 2 alternative schools, and finally FSA was asked to build capacity to serve our students on 11 elementary school campuses.  The program currently provides services to 18 BUSD campuses citywide. 

FSA’s counseling services are vital to the safety and welfare of our children, families, schools, and community.  Family Service Agency is quietly and confidentially serving thousands of Burbankers each year addressing such issues as: depression and suicide, isolation and alienation, anxiety, grief and loss, self harm, cutting and eating disorders, substance abuse and addiction, anger management, all form of child abuse, family violence, divorce, bullying, just to name a critical few.  
This highly coordinated effort between Burbank Unified School District and Family Service Agency of Burbank provides vital care through the provision of individual and group counseling and preventative psycho-educational opportunities for our youth who would otherwise go unsupported at critical times in their young lives.  
Lets join together to ensure that all our children are receiving the care and support they need to develop into mentally strong, physically healthy, community contributing adults.

Show your support by sponsoring Burbank’s CAREWALK 10

*Sponsor packets must be received by March 30 to be included in our program. You can pay online by using the buttons below, or go to the Forms Page to download a sponsor package to mail together with your payment.  You can also call Pat Smola at 818 845-7671.